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LED Digital City LED

Digital City LED

We offer LED technologies integrated into citylights, providing clear and vibrant media displays in parking lots or near roadways. The LED solutions can be single-sided or double-sided, and can also include speakers if required.

P Pharmacy Cross

Pharmacy Cross

We provide LED crosses for pharmacies in various sizes and configurations, including standard sizes like 96x96 centimeters or 64x64 centimeters. The crosses can be single-sided or double-sided, and can be customized to meet architectural requirements.


LED Floor

Transforming the floor into a screen, SageLEDScreen offers LED floor solutions that require minimal modifications to the existing structure. Individual LED modules are transported and assembled to create a seamless LED canvas, which is then protected with shock-resistant acrylic.

LED Flexible LED Screen

Flexible LED Screen

SageLEDScreen offers flexible LED screens that can be curved and shaped to fit unique installations. The possibilities include radius displays in atriums, wrapping columns, fitting into curved niches, and turning ceilings into video mediums.


LED Boxes

These LED boxes go beyond traditional illuminated signs, offering animated logos, brand names, and video advertisements or offers. LED boxes serve as full-fledged advertising screens in a new form factor.

LED LED Price Tag

LED Price Tag

SageLEDScreen provides LED price tags that are connected into a centralized system, allowing for easy management of prices through a computer interface. This eliminates the need for printing and enables quick updates, saving time and costs.

M Media Stands

Media Stands

Media stands offered by SageLEDScreen are convenient promotional tools that do not require extensive approvals or additional power supply. They can be easily installed in various locations and serve as effective advertising mediums.


LED Stand

Designed for boutiques, salons, business centers, and more, the LED stand features a sleek and minimalist design with matte black metal, sharp edges, thin frames, and a slim case depth. With 60x190 centimeters of video capabilities, LED stands provide an impactful visual presence.

3D 3D Screens

3D Screens

Above innovative solutions showcase the versatility and creativity of SageLEDScreen in providing cutting-edge LED technologies for various applications, ranging from outdoor advertising to interior displays in different industries and sectors.