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Outdoor screens for sports fields, for advertising on the streets, highways and building facades, in city squares, outdoor concert venues, etc.

Indoor screens for shopping malls, TV studios, concert venues, business centers, meeting rooms, lobbies, conference rooms, event decoration, etc.

video screens are placed on buildings for commercial advertising and facade decoration, attracting tenants by increasing visitors, etc.

Center for LED Technology

Sage Technologies LLC is an Emirati Company part of a family of international companies based in the UK, Ireland, and India. With over 30 years of experience in Information Technology, consulting and software development services. We have built up expertise in all types of ICT Enterprise in both Network & Server Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Resource and Process Management, Information Security, and many other areas and conquered innovative fields as Artificial Intelligence and Medical Learning, Internet of Things, Virtual Learning, and Augmented and Virtual Reality. Our approach is to guide our clients through the ever-changing business landscapes. We assist our customers to reach amazing outcomes using innovative technologies. You have your ideas and dreams and we help to you to make them reality to your satisfaction assured. We provide solutions to Governments and to all kinds of businesses that suite their needs. We lend a helping hand to simplifying your business operations. We use technology to make it easier for you to focus on your business goals.
10 years

10 years

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2 to 5 years

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9 years experience

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