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Screen LED P10 outdoor

  • Every day, the company's specialists are ready to help in solving any issue of interest, to choose the right screen option for your budget and place, as well as to make a detailed calculation.
  • For screen installation on the street, specially hermetically protected models are used, and indoor installation implies high resolution and a small pitch between pixels. Brightness sensors regulate power consumption as weather and light conditions change.
  • We will develop screens according to individual specifications.
  • Send a photo of the desired location, and we will develop a design and show how the structure will look in a static and dynamic state (photo and video link). 

LED screens consist of modules, which in turn are combined into one structure called cabinets. Based on this design feature,  it is possible to manufacture a screen of any size  and choose the option required by the Customer.

The ability to adjust the brightness  for day and night, allows you to reduce  energy consumption , and also helps to avoid glare in the windows of residential buildings. You can adjust the brightness automatically.

One of the features of a modern led screen can also be attributed to different  access for its maintenance (front, rear, mixed) . This is an important factor in

The LED screen has many advantages that make it one of the best advertising media on the market.

  • The ability to convey a dynamic and vibrant image that catches the eye of potential buyers.  It can be both textual information and videos, animations, slides.
  • Efficiency.  According to a number of studies, an LED screen is able to hold the eye of customers 7 times longer than a traditional billboard. 
  • Round the clock operation.  Displays can work not only during the day, but also at night.
  • The ability to adjust the brightness  for day and night, allows you to reduce  energy consumption , and also helps to avoid glare in the windows of residential buildings. You can adjust the brightness automatically.
  • Update frequency . This characteristic is important for screens installed in television studios where they are filmed. By increasing the refresh rate, we reduce the chance that the image on the screen will flicker when shooting.
  • The ability to use the screen at any time of the year.  Displays withstand temperatures down to -40 °C.
  • Kudos.  Not every company, even in Almaty, is able to buy an LED screen. The purchase will increase your credibility among business partners and inspire the trust of buyers.
  • Freedom of choice.  The customer determines the shape, size and other characteristics of the future product. The size of the LED screen can reach several hundred meters.
  • Large audience coverage.  Passers-by will see the image on the display from a distance of up to 500 meters. In addition, LED screens have a wide viewing angle.
  • High brightness is maintained in any weather.
  • Reliability.  Failure of one module does not cause damage to all others.
  • The convenience of use.  LED screens are controlled by controllers that are connected to a computer. In addition, the LED display can be connected to a TV, camcorder, player and other devices: this will not affect the image quality.

The price of an LED screen for advertising directly depends on the type of a particular device.

P10 4S Outdoor SMD3535 960x960mm Die-cast Fixed installation LED Panel Board Parameter:

Module Parameter
Pixel Pitch 10mm
Pixel Configuration SMD3535 
Density 10,000 pixels/
Module Resolution 32pixel(L) * 16pixel(H)
Module Dimension 320mm(L) * 160mm(H) * 25mm(D)
Driving Mode Constant current, 1/4 duty
Module Mask Pure black mask---high contrast screen
LED Cabinet
Module Quantity in a Cabinet 3(L) * 6(H)
Cabinet Dimension 960L* 960H* 144(D)mm
Cabinet Resolution 96(L) * 96(H)
Cabinet Material Die-Cast magnesium alloy
Cabinet Weight 25KG
Electricity Parameter
Optical Ratings
Brightness ≥6,500 cd/
Viewing Angle 120°(Horizontal); 120°(Vertical)
Best Viewing Distance ≥10m
Gray Grade 14 bits
Display Color 4.4 trillion Colors
Brightness Adjustment 100 grades by software or automatically by sensor
Operation Power  AC100-240V 50-60Hz  Switchable
Max. Power Consumption 605W/
Avg. Power Consumption 202W/
Control System
Frame Frequency ≥60Hz
Refresh Frequency ≥1,920Hz
Input Signal Composite Video, S-video, DVI, HDMI, SDI, HD-SDI
Control Distance 100m(Ethernet cable); 
20KM(optical fiber cable)
Support VGA Mode 800*600, 1024*768, 1280*1024, 1600*1200
Color Temperature 5000—9300 adjustable
Brightness Correction Pixel by pixel, module by module, cabinet by cabinet
Working Temperature -20+60 ºC
Storage Temperature -30+70 ºC
Working Humidity 10%90% RH
Lifetime 100,000 hours
MTBF 5000 hours
Continuous Operating Time ≥72 hours
Protection Grade IP65(front), IP54(rear)
Out-of-Control Pixel Rate ≤0.01%

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