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    • Lightweight aluminum body.  Due to low weight (from 15 to 20 kg/m 2)  and compactness (blocks have dimensions of 500×500, 500×1000, 640×640 mm), the installation of screens is easy and simple.
    • Versatility.  The company has a wide range of accessories - our products can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
    • Easy and fast assembly.  Blocks (cabinets) are interconnected and fixed with special locks. This allows you to quickly assemble the canvas of the required size, without special skills and tools.
    • Various installation options.  We have two types of rental video screens - suspended and for free-standing structures. If you need to install easy-to-assemble screens on a truss or stage mechanics, we offer you electric winches and hoists to facilitate the installation process, as well as lifting bars and rails.
    • Self-supporting ability.  Unlike standard video screens, when hanging a rolling screen, an additional metal frame is not required to fix the blocks.
    • Convenience and ease of transportation.  The compact dimensions and light weight of the blocks make them easy to transport. The only thing to consider is that for the transportation of LED screens, special cases (plywood boxes) are needed to protect the equipment from mechanical stress and deformation.
Types of video screens
Rental video screens differ from conventional ones in the type of case with the same components. Like conventional LED screens, rolling ones come in two types:
  • Outdoor screens  are installed outdoors, they are characterized by increased brightness, dust and moisture protection, can withstand rain, snow, hail and direct sunlight.
  • Interior screens  are models for indoors, their brightness is less than that of outdoor options. Outdoor screens can also be installed indoors, reducing their brightness to the required value. The interior video screen can also be installed outdoors, but it needs a canopy to protect it from rain. In addition, in the daytime, the information on it will look faded.

Pixel Pitch 2.9mm
Pixel Configuration SMD 3 in 1
Module Resolution 168×168 pixels
Cluster sizes 250x250 mm
Module dimensions 500x500mm
Module body material aluminum alloy
Module weight 10 kg
Pixel Density 112896 /m²
Number of shades of gray 65536
Update frequency >3840 Hz
Number of colors 281 trillion
Brightness >1600cd/m²
Viewing Angle (H/V) 140⁰/140⁰
Supply voltage 110~240V
Power Consumption (Max/Avg.) 950/320 W/m²
Working temperature from +5 °С to +40 °С
Operating Humidity 10% ~ 90%
Environmental protection (front/rear) IP43
Video screen dimensions Any size multiple of module size
Input source DVI. If you have a video processor - any source


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