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Digital City LED

Double-sided and one-sided. LED technologies will be built into the citylight in the right way. Get the best image clarity when placing media in a parking lot close to customers. Or show ads at maximum brightness if citylights are located near the roadway. Install a single-sided or double-sided LED solution. And if necessary, supplement the citylight with a speaker.



Pharmacy cross

Choose your LED cross among standard solutions - 96 by 96 centimeters, 64 by 64 centimeters. Order a single-sided or double-sided pointer. Or ask for something completely unique. If necessary, we will create drawings for the manufacture of load-bearing structures or we will completely manufacture these structures. And every millimeter of LED crosses will take into account all the necessary architectural requirements.



LED floor

Turn the floor into a screen. Don't rebuild everything. In order for video capabilities to complement the floor of the room, it is not necessary to completely re-equip everything. It is enough to minimally strengthen the base under the floor, and SageTech will do the rest. We will transport individual LED modules, assemble the frame and make up a single LED canvas. And from above we will protect the LED screen with shock-resistant acrylic.



Flexible LED screen

With flexible screens, LED technology works differently. The radius display will be located in the atrium. The LED canvas will wrap the column. The LED display will fit into a curved niche. The dome of the ceiling will turn into a video medium. Everything is possible within 45 degrees.



LED boxes. Replace lightboxes.

The LED-box can do a lot and dramatically more than the usual illuminated sign. You won't just point to your business, but you'll do it right. Animate the logo and brand name. And add the desired video ads or hot offers. LED-box is a full-fledged advertising screen, only in a new form factor.



LED price tag

The price is right there. Along with advertising. All LED price tags are connected into one big system. And each of them is independent. In a couple of clicks, you can change prices from one point - a computer. You no longer need to print endless papers. Modern businesses need technological solutions. This saves money, this saves time.



Media stands

To use a media stand, you do not need long approvals. No need to conduct additional power supply. Well, you need to prepare a place to install the media. The device itself is stable. The media stand is just as much a promotional tool as the big screen. Only every time in a new place.



LED stand

In a boutique, salon, business center. Everywhere. Moderate design is sewn into every inch of the stand. Only matte black metal, laconic sharp edges, four millimeter frames and a case depth of three centimeters. In all rooms the front desk is good. 60 by 190 centimeters of video capabilities are not superfluous anywhere.




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